An investigation of the motive, techniques, and locations leads to a plan and a host of actors that might carry through with directing the excess carbon in the atmosphere back from where it came: the deep geological formations of the Earth. In turn, the plan leads to a zone of Siberia that holds an unexpected key to the long-term carbon storage problem, a rock called Basalt. The region’s geological foundation was laid during a great extinction event 250 million years ago and now might help us prevent our own.


Marina Dubova
Pierce Myers
Bryan Wolff

Typography and Design

Unfun Studio

3D Stills
Selam X / Brandon Saunders

Space Afrika

Program Director
Benjamin H. Bratton

Program Tutors
Nicolay Boyadjiev, Lisa Dorrer

The Terraforming 2020
Strelka Institute for Media
Architecture and Design
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